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bodybuilding in college

Posted by: Danny

My name is Danny and I am a senior in high school. I am 17 and will be 18 very soon. My entire life I have wanted to have a better body (The natural way). But with an ever increasing rise for improvement on a near-impossibly graspable state of body perfection, it was hard for me to do. You always have to do this and take that to get this. It was so confusing. And now I am getting ready to go off to college. And still I have not obtained a more healthier self. I have a high metabolism already, so trying to put on muscle is difficult. And also time is a big issue, to to the fact i live and go to a school an HOUR away. That plus, fixing up my mother's house(including her computer and stuff) along side with social time, and studying my life is full. Everything is stressful and pushing on the toes of each other. By the time the day is over and i'm getting ready for bed its about 2am. Then to wake up at 5am the next day. the cycle repeats. When I came across your site. It gave me a sense of hope that maybe there was a 'easier*' way. *Maybe 'easier' is not the best word. :P. But maybe over summer, I too can have the hope of finally getting my healthier body before college starts. and instead of gaining 10-25 lbs. of fat in college maybe I will gain 10-15 lbs. of muscle. I have never been fat. I used to do wrestling for 2 years. But it wasn't for me. I can not do football or soccer or baseball or volleyball because my vision and joints. While I could fix the vision with glasses, my joints and back are not so easy. With Four Muscles pulled in my back and pulled muscle and joints in my hips, knees, AND ankles, to say I'm falling apart would be right. But I still push through the teeth grinding pain every time i find a little bit of time to work out. I would greatly appreciate to receive information on bodybuilding in college. Thank you so much.


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