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can you build muscle without meat

Posted by: Karen

I have been competing in figure competitions for about a year...I have been a vegetarian for about 16 years...my trainers insisted that I need fish protein to build muscle...reluctantly I agreed to try ONE kind of fish - tilapia...mild in flavor, easy to prepare...I've actually enjoyed the taste - however, it means that I am not following my vegetarian lifestyle...I recently left that trainer (not because of the fish!) and I cut the fish back out of my diet...a few months later, I signed on with a new trainer, letting him know that I am a vegetarian, I had tried the tilapia for several months, but preferred to leave fish out of my body building diet if possible...when he sent me my new program, he included tuna and shrimp (the only positive to this was that I figured it would be easier to find these items on a restaurant menu, than it was to find tilapia, which very few restaurants included)...however, a week into this program, I am really not liking the fish in my diet and would prefer to stick with egg whites and tofu as my main protein sources...I do plan on discussing this with my new trainer when I check in with him this coming week, but for now, I am trying to gather other information on vegetarian bodybuilding diets...I know it can be done, but I think these trainers that I've worked with are just not educated or knowledgable in vegetarian diets because animal proteins is what they have used and recommended for years...

Please offer any advise you can and include me on your newletter email list...

Thank you so much!


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