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free workout advice

Posted by: regardeddon

it would be great if u would advice me on my specific workout routine. comment on it and guide me if any changes r required.
i do 8 - 12 reps of most exercises, 3 sets each.
on monday i do shoulders solely,
on tuesday biceps and triceps combined followed by forearms exercises
on wednesday chest and back combined
then repeat the same for the following 3 days i.e
thursday shoulders
friday biceps,triceps
saturday chest,back
Sunday is off
each workout consists from 6 - 9 exercises
i do an abs routine whenever i get the time after the exercises,
i have just started its my second month,
my goals are building a ripped structure + strength. i dont want to become the hulk,
diet is mostly normal i dont take supplements, eggwhite and chicken breasts r the protein while peanut butter and bananas r also included.

guide me on my current status.

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