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weight loss by running

Posted by: Steve

Hi, I have a question about cardio that I am hoping you could help me out with. I have gained a significant amount of weight over the past 4 years, mostly due to skipping meals and then over-eating at some point during the day. I'm a 27 year old male, 5'6' and about 165-170 lbs. I'm not sure exactly what my body fat percentage is, but I'm sure it's not good. I have also been a smoker for the past 7 or 8 years but have recently quit. Anyways, here is my question: I would like to lose weight via cardio workout and was planning on doing this by jogging. I was just wondering what would be the best way for me to start off without over doing it at first, and without stressing my body too much too soon? Since I have been a smoker, and not in great shape at the moment, I don't want to push to hard too fast. I will dedicate myself to a routine and work very hard, but just want to make sure I do it safely when I first begin. Also, is there a staple diet I could use daily to help me do this as well? Maybe the same thing each day for breakfast, something for lunnch and dinner? I was hoping there may be some kind of routine diet I could use daily to help me get all my nutrition, and help me burn fat at the same time. If you could please help me out with these questions, it would be greatly appreciated. I am also considering using the services of a personal trainer. Thank you,


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