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how to get in shape gradually

Posted by: Bryant

Ok - this summer I want to begin getting into much better shape than I am in. I run now - , eat very healthy 6 days a week, but don't lift a lot. I want to become tighter in the ab area - I am not requiring a 6 pak lol and nicer arms - I want my chest/arms to look the best probably? My question is - I am in no rush, meaning my schedule is busy and I am not one of those people that needs a body transformation overnight or even in 2 months. I am wanting to have a trainer who would train me for up to 6 months - slowly - slowly transforming my body so I don't work out "too hard" and get tired of it. I was wondering if it were possible to train me slower - but still have my body change to look pretty good in 4-7 months or something as opposed to the 12 weeks that many people refer to. This way my workouts would be easier for me.. less "intense" if you will. IS this possible??? Basically I want the nice body, but want to take it slower/longer to obtain.


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