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lose fat or gain muscle first

Posted by: Mark


I have a query for you if you don't mind:

I've been going to gym for about 2 years, but have only really gotten stuck into it over the past 8 months or so. The progress I've made so far is substantial, but not anything spectacular. My problem is that I have quite a bit of fat on my stomach as well as sides, and a little on my back. My upper body and arms don't contain as much at all. Ideally, what I was initially told is that I should lose all my fat and then start building muscle. I opted to not take that route and instead started building and lost a bit of fat in the process. My dilemma is this - I don't know if I should carry on pushing weights and doing mild cardio or stop weights entirely and do cardio/high intensity exercises to reduce the fat to a minimum. I really would not like to lose my progress in terms of strength, but if I have to I will sacrifice it for however long it takes.

My 6-month goals are to a) Lose some or most of the fat around my stomach and waist + rest of body; b) Increase size of upper body; c) Increase physical strength.

What should I do? Thanks very much,


Re: lose fat or gain muscle first

Posted by: Paul

The advise you got it wrong, also cardio exercise will not make you lose fat by itself.

What I suggest is you keep weight training and doing cardio but you have to change your diet by lowering your intake of refined carbohydrates.


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