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six pack abs for women

Posted by: Molly


Iíve been wanting to get a six pack for awhile now, but being a woman it's harder to achieve than a guy. Iíve done some research online, and found out that there are certain things you can do to make it easier and faster. Iím about 5 feet 5 inches tall, and I weigh around 120 pounds. I love exercising. Iíve been in dance for 12 years, and I also like to run and just workout, (sit-ups, push-ups, leg and arm strengthening exercises, etc) Iím very athletic, so doing the workouts for getting abs is not an issue for me. I read online that before you can achieve a six pack, you must burn off fat on your stomach first, by doing cardio exercises, because thatís where your six pack is hidden, underneath your fat. Iím a very skinny person for the most part. So Iím confused if I should be trying to burn even more fat. That just doesnít seem right, because if I try and get even skinnier I feel like that would be unhealthy. So what should I be doing to tone my stomach so you can actually see the outline of the 6 pack? I also read online that increasing the amount of protein you eat will help. Is there a certain diet I should be following? If so what do you recommend? It isnít difficult for me to eat healthy, so that is not an issue either. I have the motivation and determination to get a six pack, so all I need to know is what Iím suppose to be eating and doing to get a six pack. Sorry if this is long and confusing! But I appreciate any help you have for me! Thank you! :)


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