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can i workout everyday and never take breaks

Posted by: Chris


As a current teacher on summer break with a wedding coming up in early August, I have been going to the gym everyday.  My question is, taking a look at my workout below, should I take a rest day or is going every day OK?

I live relatively close to the gym, within 3 miles, so I bike there as my warm up.  I then vary each day with either a chest-shoulder-tricep, back-bicep, or leg work out, always having 48 hrs rest before repeating a muscle group.  Next I will preform a 20 min cardio, switching between walking/running and 2 different elliptical machines we have at my gym, never doing the same machine the next day.  I than bike the 3 miles back home, as an easy cool down.  Ab work is done 3 days a week as well.

Thanks for your advice,


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