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21's bicep workout

Posted by: Blind-o

My fitness tip:

To mix things up a little... try 21's!

This idea is similar to the partial rep but expanded drastically! My best advice is to first... reduce the weight being used by a few pounds, so that you can complete the motions with good form.

Start the exercise, but cut the motion in half for 7 reps.

Next... do 7 more reps utilizing the top half of the motion.

Then... finish with 7 reps of the full motion of the exercise!

(example: Straight bar curls. Start with arms fully extended at the bottom of the motion as you would while starting the curl. Then, do the first 7 curls, but stop with your forarms at a 90 degree angle to your upper arm.

After that first 7, start at the 90 degree position, and do the second 7 at the top.

After the second 7, drop the weight the whole way back to the bottom, and do a full curl for the last 7 reps!)

This works well with many exercises that have large movements , but may also be beneficial for most smaller movements with a little extra concentration!

Enjoy the pump!


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