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teenagers and bodybuilding supplements

Posted by: Juanita


I hope you will be able to assist and give some health advice. I am really worried and I really need a professional’s help.

My boyfriend is 19 at the moment. He has been going to gym since age 16, training really hard the natural way and gaining muscle slowly and the healthy way. He is built much bigger than a usual 19 year old South African guy and he seems to be unsatisfied with his size all the time.

He has used Dianabol, Superbol, creatine shakes and Mass builder shakes (all in a period on 6 months) at the age of 18 last year. Every month he would change the products he used when listening to different people in the gym.

This year, he has already used Dianabol and a steriod called Ricostrone – a testosterone injection (made in Greenfield? Searched the web and couldn’t find any reviews or info about it online)

Now he started using SUPERDROL 10 this week and I am starting to get extremely worried. He was built so nice, all his mucles cut well and even had an awesome 6-pack. But after all these ‘products’, he has been gaining a lot of weight and nothing seems cut anymore. He is convinced that he will get results with every product.

To get to my point. I don’t care about the way he’s built, it’s his health that’s bothering me. We train 5 times a week for over an hour per session. He is not gaining any muscle, instead he’s gaining weight? He also refuses to do cardio.

Can you please explain the health risks that all these ‘products’ can cause for a 19 year old? He will not listen to me and he needs to read this from someone that knows.

Your response will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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