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eating after working out

Posted by: thepayster


I heard a couple years ago that after working out, there's this thing called the "golden hour" during which protein, vitamins, etc. are more beneficially absorbed by the muscles. As a result, I've become anal about only scheduling workouts immediately before i plan on eating and vice versa... meaning sometimes I'll hold off on eating ANYTHING until I work out because I know the food won't give me the same "value" as it would if i had just exercised.

Am I losing my mind? If what I'm doing is ridiculous, please share your eating habits as they relate to working out...

I should also mention that my training goals are merely to be as toned as possible, not to be huge or even to necessarily gain strength. I'm about 5'10'' 160 pounds, and my workouts primarily consist of 1-hour body resistance sessions in which I'll do various angles upper body and ab workouts and at night I do 45 minutes of cardio.

Thanks for any input.


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