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working out with bursitis tendonitis

Posted by: Josh

First off I'd like to provide the details before the criticism comes. I work on remodeling job, (currently about to find something else and i believe i have a job), and i've developed bursitis in my shoulders and elbows, and a little bit of tendonitis in my wrists (from elbows). I'm almost better, and i'm about to start a new program. I was going to stick with a moderate weight, start off light of course, but keep my rep range in the 10-15 range. I'll keep my sets at how i feel that day. I'd like to get up to 3 sets an exercise, but I'm starting at 1 and working my way up. Here is my workout, if you have exercise substitution opinions please feel free to tell me if you think an exercise would be better on me because of my tendonitis/bursitis. I'm 17, so I'm not too interested in hurting myself of course.

Lateral Raise

Cardio (20 mins)

Bench Press
Single Leg Squat/Wall Sit-option
Close Grip Pushup for triceps unless someone has a better exercise for my elbows


Hack Squat
Incline Bench Press

Sat. & Sun.-rest

Follow this program for 3 weeks then take a week off, then follow for 3 weeks, then take a week off. Take every fourth week off so my joints have plenty of time to heal and i hopefully wont have tendonitis/bursitis again. What do you guys think? I'm looking to have a look like Taylor Kitsch from the tv show Friday Night Lights, or like Rain Bi from Ninja Asassain, or like Bruce Lee. I'd be happy if i could get those looks.

I have my diet down, I'm also going to supplement a mass gainer in there as well seeing as I have a hard time gaining weight, but not a hard time adding muscle


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