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how to lose weight without losing boobs

Posted by: Jen

Can I get my boobs back and if so, how?

For about 6 months I was doing a workout DVD 3 times a week and was losing weight. I expected to lose a little in the boob area. Then I started to do yoga for beginners 2 times a week. I didn't think about it too much at the time but doing the planks really worked my chest area. Not only was I doing planks for long periods of times and at different times during the duration of the DVD but I would also do scoop push-ups into upward facing dog. After about 3 months of the yoga I have lost a substantial about of volume in my boobs. I still wear the same bra size but my boobs look so much smaller to me.

I know some may say that working the pecs and chest area makes your boobs perky but mine were never saggy to begin with.

I was hoping that if I stopped doing the chest exercises my boobs would come back. Is this possible? I've thought about not doing any exercising for about a week or two so that I could put on the weight. Or should I continue to do the workout DVD and just stop with the yoga DVD that I'm currently using?

After a week or two I was going to go back to doing my workout DVD and a different yoga DVD (one that doesn't require you to work your chest area). I mainly do the yoga because I have scoliosis and it's suppose to be really good for that.

Keep in mind, in high school (about 7 years ago), I was a little top heavy and had a small waist.

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