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can you workout too much

Posted by: Chris

I have one question. I have been thinking on starting to become an athlete since school is almost over for me. I am still in school but i am only in there for three hours a day now. Because i only have a few classes left. But i dont have equipment to do anything. So i am just sticking to doing pushups,situps,dips, and pullups. Doing diffrent versions of each to. Running and swimming. My own goal is to get to in two years to be able to do 5,000 pushups, 5,000 situps, 3,000+dips, 2,000 pullups. Running 14 miles a day, and swimming 5,000 meters three times a day. But i am just starting. This is my question. Can i do starting out do pushups, situps, and dips everyday. And pullups three times a week? Would do damage if i do at least 500-1000 throughout the day everyday? I am also going to do a lot of stretching.

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