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fat loss after pregnancy

Posted by: Kristy


I had a baby 6 months ago & am now trying to get back to my pre baby weight!

I have lost 10 kgs so far in 4 wks burning around 400-450 calories a work out..however this week i pushed myself to 615 calories and yesterday 700 calories in my work out yet this week i have lost less weight & in the last 2 days put on 2-300 grams!!

Am exercising too much? I always watch my calorie intake & yesterday for example had a 1000 calorie deficit. Has my body gone into starvation mode? If im 25 yrs old, I work out 5 days a week for 1 hr burning around 4-600 calories lets say, i currently weigh 89.5 kilos (197 pounds) & my height is 169cms (5ft 7).. How many calories should i be consuming each day to steadily lose weight at around 1.5-2 kgs a week?

Thank u so much, i look forward to your reply!!

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