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should i do cardio on rest days

Posted by: Donald

Dear Sir,

I am a 36 year old male, who has lifted all through his 20's religiosly, then life just sort of took over, my wife never stopped but I did, now I have gotten back into it, and have stuck with it for a month, didn't realize how much I missed it, with 2 little kids time is important, so I started doing a bowflex(love it) circuit training where I do a core excercise lift with rowing(our own rower next to bowflex) in between sets, I start off with 15 minutes of nice fast steady rowing then go to the circuit, in between sets when I row it's for one minute and I guess you can say I row for that minute like it is a sprint, after I complete 2 complete circuits, I crank the tension up some on the rower and go another 10 minutes, I am working my way up to where I can do 3 circuits then I will do that for 2 month then change excercise and add free weights into circuit, the days inbetween I was using the elipticall for 40 minutes, I was reading the bowflex manual and it told me the days in between my circuit(Tues, Thurs, and weekend) I should not do any form of excercise for the first 3-4 circuit cycles till I am in better shape, my question for you would be should I do nothing on my days inbetween for a few months and use the rest(like Bowflex says) or would it be o.k. to use elliptical or do something easier like walking? I am 5'10 weigh 220 lbs, have kept most of my muscle mass( put a little around belly in the time off just 1 waist size not alot), this is the weight I was at when lifting, just a little leaner and that is what I am trying to get at.Thank You for your time and consideration


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