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how to gain muscle and lose belly fat

Posted by: Tim

Hey so I am a 26 year old male, weight 147 pounds and I am skinny and fat ha ha. I have a belly and fat butt. Don't get me wring @ 147 Iím not huge, but donít like my stomach or butt. Anyways here is my issue and exercise activity and nutrition. I have been going to the gym twice a week. Usually Sunday and Tue night for 5 months straight. SUN I do legs, and Tue I do all upper body i.e. back, arms, chest, shoulders etc. and I have pretty much been the same weight the entire time only fluctuating a couple of pounds up or down. I only go twice a week because it feels like it saves me time, because I cant make it to the gym every day.

Nutrition- I am consuming pretty much 3 meals per day, but I snack constantly on stuff like granola bars, and fruit. I donít really have a lot of veggies in my diet either. I would say I consume 1900-2200 cals a day. And I try to consume more on the days I work out.

What my goals are- I obviously want to lose weight off my stomach fat and my butt. And I also have a very scrony upper body especially my chest which I want to put muscle on. So I am a little confused right now on as what exactly I am doing wrong and how to put muscle on my upper body without putting more fat on my belly and butt?

O yeah and I am diabetic.

Any thoughts I would be more than happy to hear them thanks.

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