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female fitness model workout and diet plan

Posted by: Rachel

I have been trying to get into a good workout routine. For the past year I have been trying to get into working out. I have always been very intimidated and uncomfortable in a gym environment so as a result I have not gone. Now, I am finally enjoying the workouts more and seeing some results. But, I would like to kick my exercise and fitness level up a notch.

Through some research on women in fitness with similar body types I have discovered I am probably too tall to get the fit body that I would like. I am 26, 5 ft 9 in and weigh about 122 lbs. The female fitness bodies that appeal to me are the more bulky muscular types that are usually around 5 ft tall (similar to Jamie Eason).

My exercise consists of Mondays chest/triceps, Tuesday back/biceps, Wednesday legs, Thursday shoulders and Friday cardio. I am about to add about 20 minutes of cardio before my weight routine on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. My diet consists of a protein shake (Ultramet) before working out, eggs for breakfast, protein shake snack, healthy lunch, protein shake snack and healthy dinner.

Do you have any suggestions on how I would best achieve that slightly bulky looking fitness body or maybe know of someone who would have some advice?

Thank you in advance!

Hoping to find my own fitness model!


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