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bodybuilding layoffs

Posted by: sushant


I train using the 1 set to failure protocol by the late Arthur Jones. I've read books by Ellington Darden, who backs Arhtur Jones and never looked back. I have recently lost interest in lifting/doing cardio and took a vacation on the Georgia coast for at least a week. A few years ago we vacationed here in Savannah, but I insisted on continuiiing my workouts. This time around I stopped my routine abruptly, left town and I'm doing nothing. I have to admit that some part of me feels like I should be lifting, but most of me says NO! I don't want any part of the gym right now. I could sign up @ a local gym for a week, but my mind & body says to heck with that. Yet I have a friend who says I'm going soft as he makes his so-called gains. I'm 41 and NEVER touch an anabolic, but am seriously considering upping the ante when I get back. Send me your newsletter along with any insight on how I can reach my utmost potential after this extended, unplanned layoff.



Re: bodybuilding layoffs

Posted by: Paul

This is what Arthur Jones had to say about layoffs:

"For the best possible results a trainee needs to take some time off every once in awhile. However scheduled layoffs are not recommended because a trainees enthusiasm may begin to subside if anticipating a layoff. The opposite may also be true. A trainee who foresees a layoff may overwork in order to try to compensate for downtime, thereby negating the purpose of the layoff by overtraining severely before hand.

Long layoffs of anywhere from 1-4 weeks have proven beneficial in many cases. Often upon return, the trainee notices an increase in strength following the layoff. In any case if a month of training yields little results a layoff of 7-10 days is recommended."



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