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gynecomastia chest workout

Posted by: sushant


I have recently started exercising with weights as I had become very weak after a bout of hepatitis and now want to gain some muscles and weight (I am taking a proper diet and protein supplements as per Doctor's advice).

The problem is that I have slight gynecomastia (puffy and protruding nipples --- NOT Pseudo gynecomastia) and hence I am afraid of doing chest exercises like bench-presses etc. as they might make the gynecomastia appear more visible. Is it OK if I just work-out my biceps, triceps, shoulders and legs and completely stay off chest workouts ?? OR will that make my upper body look funny ??

It will be a lot of help if you can help me with the above. Thanks.


Re: gynecomastia chest workout

Posted by: Paul

If you build up everything on your body except you chest this will make the chest and gyno more visible not less. The thing to do is build up all you muscle evenly and also the muscles on your chest should make the gyno less noticeable.



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