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Mike Mentzer 1980 Mr Olympia

Posted by: Robin

I stumbled across your site just now. It's good that you are keeping Mike's work in the public eye. It's a very sensible way to train. I'm a classic no-gain trainer and this routine is great. Especially when I go back to gym after 5-7 days, I feel fresh and keen to do a work-out.

When I was Stateside in 2001 I wrote to him a number of times and spoke with him just two weeks before he died. It was a sad occasion for a lot of people.

My opinion is, Mike died of a broken heart. Yes, I know the effects from his steroid use early in the piece caught up with him; the same as it did with Frank Zane (he can no longer do squats)...however, the loss of the the competition in Sydney against Arnie was what hurt him so badly. Remember Arnie only got over the line because his best mate was running the competition here in Sydney. What a disgrace. Arnie never had symetry (as Vince Gironda said) he only possessed size and friends. That's why he succeeded.

To have placed fifth in that comp. was the insult and humiliation that effected Mike so badly. When you look at the line up of all the competitors for the final it's almost blasphemy Arnie got up.

If you cut off the heads of the photos and judged the physique on display everone would pick Mike. That's if quality and symetry were the deciding factors.

Anyway, that's enough of my bleating. You know what they say about history; Written by the winners; read by losers.

Keep up the good work.

Best regards.....


Re: Mike Mentzer 1980 Mr Olympia

Posted by: Paul

I agree, when I saw the pictures of the Mr. Olympia 1980 contest I was shocked to see that Mike was bigger and better then Arnold, yet Arnold still won.

I've been training Heavy Duty style since then. If you don't have Mike's workout DVD, you really should get it, it is the closest thing you can get to Mike being in the gym with you.

See Mike Mentzer DVD



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