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Seeking female bodybuilder in Portland Oregon

Posted by: Dave

My name is Dave and I'm the producer of the FrightTown haunted attraction that takes place at the Portland Memorial Coliseum every October. We are looking for a female bodybuilder to join our festival this season.

Truth be told, we've been looking for years but we've never found one. I don't have to tell you that fbbs aren't the kind of person you just bump into on the street here in Portland, like you might in L.A. or Florida. So this year I decided to stop trusting it to luck and go to the source: trainers, gym owners and fitness professionals like yourselves that might actually know somebody.

If you know of a female bodybuilder that lives in the vicinity of Portland, and if that person might just be extroverted enough to show off her hard work in costume in front of a haunted house crowd, then I would greatly appreciate the referral. If it pans out, it would be my pleasure to give you some free tickets to our event and include your logo with a link to your website from our own, which gets about a million hits during September and October.

In a nutshell, here's the gig:

- We're looking for SPECTACLE here. We want to start with a model that's already larger than life and make her larger still. Basically, we're looking for a partner in crime to blow peoples' minds with her looks.

- We're looking for someone LARGE. No smaller than a large figure model.

- We would provide the costume and the makeup. It's a family show so no nudity or partial nudity, of course.

- We could arrange for a photographer so that she could get shots for her portfolio.

- Nights are flexible. We'll work to her schedule. We're open 20 nights and we're hoping for an fbb for a few of those.

- This is a paid gig. Admittedly we're on a community theater budget so we'd defer to those that are willing to be flexible for us.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I know this is a longshot so I'll also appreciate any lead that you could give us. And if nothing else, please feel free to forward this on to any other fitness professionals that you think might have a lead.

Happy Halloween!

Dave @ FrightTown

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