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max contraction training review

Posted by: Blain

Start paying attention to John Little and Peter Sisco. They both picked up where Mentzer left off and took it to a whole other level. Although there is no doubt that HIT works (It's the only way I train by the way), 'Heavy duty' - which is only a name - is equivalent to the '57 Chevy. Both John and Peter introduces us to the 2011 Dagger GT!!! Max contraction training leaves Heavy duty in the dust. Mentzer utilized max contraction several times, but was too loyal and swore by the full range of motion. He was definitely onto something, but he was stuck in the mud with the full range of motion. THIS is where John Little (Mentzer's best friend) takes it to another level. Both John and Sisco are revolutionaries. Gaining 25+ pounds of muscle within a single month utilizing max contraction is nothing to be surprised about!! Why walk to work when you can drive?! It's all about precision and efficiency.

As of now, since I am near my optimum genetic potential (natural that is), I gain on average a measly half pound of muscle per month (wow). The problem has nothing to do with the protocol, the problem has everything to do with the AVAILABILTY. Since the machines you see in the gyms are equiped with those whimpy poundages (250 IBS ain't gonna cut it brother - not even unilaterally), futher progress is virtually impossible. I emailed hammer strength, cybex, precore, etc many times and I have not received a single response. I literally have to customize my own equipment... once I can afford it. You see, hypertrophy is nothing but a defensive mechanism that occurs only when the body has detected a threat to the entire system. The body is more concerned with survival rather than muscle growth, and it will do so (hypertrophy) only when it has absolutely no other choice. This is why muscle growth - as Mike Mentzer once put it - MUST BE FORCED. The body will not send its defensive mechanism (hypertrophy) into motion over a task that is within its capacity. Example: A man who can bench 405 pounds 5 times will receive nothing in regard to progress if he decides to bench only 315 pounds 10 times. He will acheive nothing more than wasted time. More work is not the answer. It's MORE WORK WITHIN A UNIT OF TIME i.e a higher resistance/poundage/intensity etc. You can do all the reps in the world, all you'll get is a tremendous accumulation of lactid acidosis.

"one cannot evaluate the signifance of exercise until one identifies the nature of the organism."

" progress is a matter of conceptualization and availability."

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