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keeping fit with a broken leg

Posted by: Erica

Hi This is Erica. I have recently broken my tibial platue of my rt leg. I am usually extreamly active and do weight training 5-7x per week. I train like a body builder and did an hour of cardio 6 days a week of intense interval training on an elliptical machine. ANYWAY since i broke my leg i obviously can not do cardio cause I can NOT WALK OR PUT ANY WEIGHT ON MY LEG. I am still doing upper body weight training. But i sit on my BUTT ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im worried about getting FAT. i eat mostly Protein Chicken and eggs. Veggies give me a bad stomach aches. I read that u are really up on diets. how many eggs can i eat in a day and lose weight. I know I eat too much chicken at one time. I seem to gorge myself on it and still feel unsatisfied. I would like for u to set me up and diet using eggs. money is tight. I read that you trained people and had them eat as many eggs as they wanted and get into contest shape. UP TO 3 DOZEN OF EGGS A DAY> i know im way too small to eat that much. I physically can but i know it is way too many calories for me. I weigh 98 pounds. Body fat is not alot but I want to lose around 10 pounds and be lean and shreaded. even while I am injured and on crutches for who knows how long. I want to show the people @ the gym and my friends that I can get in AWSOME shape even when I can not do all that intense cardio. doc said this trype of fracture takes up to 12 weeks to heal. i like eggs but afraid it eat too many cause of the fat. I worry about gaining weight all the time. I would appreciate any advice. you can give me. ANOTHER THING I HAVE A LOW THROID AND TAKE MEDS FOR THAT. i ALSO GAIN WEIGHT INSTANLY WHEN I EAT CARBS OF ANY KIND. SO I DO NOT EAT CARBS. what do u recomend.. I hope this makes sence. i want to eat and feel good and not feel guilty all the time when I do over eat on the chicken. SO PLEASE HELP ME!!! thanks

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