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how to look like brad pitt in fight club

Posted by: Tommy

Hey, my names Tommy

I'm a senior in highschool, just turned 18, 5'8 and 140lbs and i have an average atheletic body, I swim in the summer and winter on teams (highschool and neighborhood team).  I have personal fitness class every day in highschool since it is my 3rd period (second period everyday) and its about 45-50 minutes long.  I'm not necessarily trying to bulk up, but i'm trying to shed a few pounds of fat so i can look more ripped while still gaining muscle.  Most of the other students in my class are football players so they're generally just big and bulky. whenever they give me tips on lifting and fitness, they tell me tips for getting to how they are, all big and protein shake and lifting high weights low reps, eating lots of protein and stuff.  I'm just trying to get a sort of tyler durden fight club look, not exactly as skinny but the same kind of body, not too much fat, and that ripped look.  Kinda like i'd rather look like brad pitt in fight club rather then gerard butler in 300.  So any tips and maybe an example workout routine would be much appreciated. My workout for now pretty much revolves around this...

wednesday-arms (shoulders too)
thursday-back (shoulders too)
friday-Cardio (treadmill then abs)

Thank you,


Re: how to look like brad pitt in fight club

Posted by: Paul

Here are my suggestions.

Train each body part twice a week rather then just once.

Do cardio every a day for a list 30 minutes.

Cut out all junk food, breads, grains and milk products.

Eat lean proteins like chicken or turkey breast, fish, egg whites. And get your carbohydrates from natural sources like brown rice, potatoes, fresh raw vegetables and fruit.

Also add a fat burner supplement like Herbal Fat Melter



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