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12 week fitness challenge

For Immediate Release

Local Competition Turns International Overnight

Edmonton, AB - Bikini or Bust (www.bikiniorbust.com) launches 12 week Fitmas challenge. Donloree Hoffman, Founder of Bikini or Bust, has challenged herself, fitness fiends, workout wannabes and couch potatoes to give themselves the gift of health this holiday season. On October 3, 2011, Bikini or Bust will be launching 'Fitmas', a 12-week challenge designed to inspire, lead and benefit anyone who is looking to get into better shape and wants to create a healthier self for the New Year.

Donloree spent the first decade of her professional life working her way up the corporate ladder. After landing her 'dream job', she came to realize she wasn't living at all. Making a life-altering decision, Donloree left her lucrative professional job to achieve her own personal and passionate goals. Now a John Maxwell Team certified Leadership Coach, Donloree is also soon to be certified personal trainer.

"I've taken substantial steps in my life over the last couple of years and have been fortunate enough to have amazing success," said Ms. Hoffman. "I took to blogging at the onset of my bodybuilding competition, and it has morphed into something women and men around the world look to for inspiration". During the 12 Weeks of Fitmas, a new challenge will be posted on the Bikini or Bust blog each Monday. Participants are encouraged to write weekly blog posts, tweet pictures, or post comments and results on the Bikini or Bust Facebook page (www.facebook.com/BikiniOrBust).

Donloree competes in bodybuilding competitions and inspires thousands of people every day through www.bikiniorbust.com and @bikiniorbust.

For More Information:
Donloree Hoffman
Email: dl@bikiniorbust.com

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