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Mike Mentzer Omni-Contraction training

Posted by: Peter

I just read your article about Mike Mentzer's training ideas "Climbing the Ladder of Intensity". It was a great read! Although i do have a question about his Omni-Contraction training theory. You wrote:

In Omni-Contraction training Mike would make each a maximum effort. He would do his one all out maximum positive rep, followed by a maximum negative, but during the negative he would stop the weight and actually try to raise the weight again (which was impossible). He would do these static holds at three different points during the negative rep, the first was at the top, close to the fully contracted position, the second was halfway down and the third was close to the bottom position. Each position was held for a count of 3.

When performing omni-contraction training, did Mike perform just one rep per exercise? Maybe he did a few rest-pause reps using omni-contraction?

Similarly, any reason for not performing just one rep with a maximum contraction and maximum negative?

Really hope to hear from you,


Re: Mike Mentzer Omni-Contraction training

Posted by: Paul

Hello Peter,

With rest pause Mike did about 4 reps with 10 to 15 seconds in between.

So I am sure since Omni-Contraction training was even more intense he would have done less, maybe 2 reps or 3 at the very most.

Of course it is possible he just did one rep and then moved on to another exercise.

You have to remember this was back in the 1970's when Mike didn't do just one set of failure per body part but he did sometimes 3 or 5 sets to failure for each body part.

If you don't have Mike's workout DVD, you really should get it, it is the closest thing you can get to Mike being in the gym with you.

See Mike Mentzer DVD



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