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Arnold Schwarzenegger overtraining

Posted by: Chiliue


Hello im young bodybuilder from Serbia.

I just checked your blog at Arnold Schwarzenegger's Old School Bodybuilding Workout about this I spent 3 years in gym, and im wondering now does 6 sets like you said that Arnold did should give good results ??Every time im listening that "don't do a lot of routines for one muscle !! " or "DON'T DO A LOT OF SETS (mostly 4) " and you know...So you said that he did a lot of sets (for example 32 sets for chest ?!!?) Im planning to try out what you said there, but first I need your answer does a lot of sets (like 6) are good for everyone or I can do it less than 6/5....

please answer me and thanks a lot !!! peace!

P.S. Arnold was the best looking ever even better than Coleman or Jay.

Re: Arnold Schwarzenegger overtraining

Posted by: Paul

Arnold was from the volume training school of bodybuilding, where you used lighter weights, didnít go to muscle failure and did high reps and high sets.

Before attempting Arnoldís workout routine you have to realize that when Arnold did that routine he was an advanced bodybuilding whos full time job was training, he also used steroids to enhance his recovery ability.

For most of us this would just lead to overtraining as it did for many that tried to keep up with him back in the day.

I personally would not recommend you do as many sets as Arnold did, if you try his routine try only 2 sets for each exercise to start and see how it goes.

If you want to see how Arnold trained back in his prime watch the Pumping Iron video.



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