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exercise for longevity

Posted by: Stefan


I was wondering, if someone exercised for longevity, what would you recommend? I'm talking openly here, so you can answer the question as it best makes sense. For example, is it possible to reach a level of fitness where your motor skills and body integrity will last you more or less until you die, and in that case, what sort of fitness plan would correspond to this? Is there a level where the correlation between time spent exercising and lifespan gained suddenly jumps to much, much more exercise input for lifespan output and in that case, where?

I know you probably don't have enough exact data on this, but perhaps you have read enough statistics to have some general ideas.


Re: exercise for longevity

Posted by: Paul

Here is my advice to help increase longevity:

Low impact cardo exercise such a biking, swiming, etc. every day.

Weight training for strength, not bulk, 3 days a week.

Decreased calorie intake to keep your bodyweight and body fat low (thinner people live longer).

Also eat only natural unprocessed foods.

I hope this helps,


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