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One side of my body is bigger than the other

Posted by: Dakota


My name is Dakota and have been lifting weights for almost a year now. I took some pictures before i started and cant believe how much has changed. But, there are a few concerns I have.

first off I noticed that for some reason the left side of my body is a little more toned than my right side. I do everything right handed and feel stronger with my right side like when im trying to get that last rep on the bench I might get up with my right but struggle some with my left. same goes for my abdominal's they seem to be more toned, even a slight bigger than my right.. same goes for my left pecs

Now I have asked some of my friends and they don'teven notice it unless they look real hard and even then they say theresreally not much of a difference but, every time I look in the mirror I can spot it out real quick. I don'tknow if it is just me or what. 

My question is do you think its normal to have a little bit more toned side than the other. I train everything the same with the same amount of weight for both sides, and I make sure I have proper form.

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