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Grip On Review

Grip On Weight Lifting Glove Alternative

Posted by: Paul

I will admit that knurled bars and the rope for triceps pushdowns can bother my hands and sometimes my hands can get sweaty and slip.

But, wearing weight lifting gloves make me feel like a douche, while using chalk is just too messy and makes me sneeze.

So up until now I just lived with it, but I recently tried a new product called "Grip On" which is a great alternative to gloves and chalk.

You simply put the Grip On rubber grip on the bar, rope, etc. and then do your set, they can be used on all bars, and accessories. They also have just the right curve that make them fit perfectly into your palms.

Grip On is a great product for anyone who lifts weight for any reason.

Checkout their website at www.GripOn.net



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