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Robert Kennedy MuscleMag International

Posted by: Paul Becker

Robert Kennedy born 1938 died 2012

Sad news, Robert Kennedy of MuscleMag International passed away on April 13, 2012, losing his battle with cancer. I am told he died at home and his family was there to see him off. I also hear that his wife and staff will keep his magazines and business going with the same vision he had for them.

I would like to share a few of my memories about Robert Kennedy and MuscleMag International magazine.

I first saw MMI on the newsstand back in 1979, it had both a US price and a Canadian price on it and the cashier got confused and charged me the Canadian price which was cheaper than the US price.

It was a great magazine filled with useful training information and amazing pictures of Arnold, Mentzer, Robby, etc. I kept buying it and also got most if not all of Mr. Kennedy's books such as Beef It, Hardcore Bodybuilding, Savage Sets, etc.

Some might not know this but Robert Kennedy was the inventor of the Pre Exhaust system of training. Kennedy was such a good guy that when Joe Weider started calling it the Weider Pre Exhaust principle while other people accused Joe of being a thief, Kenndy said Joe's not a thief he's just a rascal.

About 6 years ago, I was introduced to Robert Kennedy by my good friend Dennis Weis. I talked to Mr. Kennedy on the phone and sent him some articles which he published in MuscleMag International, This was a huge honor for me to be published in a magazine that I was reading since the age of 16.

I am a spiritual person and know that while our bodies die we who are spiritual beings continue to live on and I wish Robert Kennedy much happiness in his journey.

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