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Answer to Sports Failures:
Finding the Zone Is in the Mind

Posted by: Paul

FLORHAM PARK, N.J., Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Anyone who has pulled a two-foot par putt, or missed the wide-open lay-up can tell you it's "all in the mind" or they were not "in the zone." Pressures from both on and off the playing field can influence those tense moments.

A workable answer to this problem, according to Ron Dornbusch, life enhancement counselor from Florham Park, NJ, may be the well-known Dianetics technology, the science of the mind developed by L. Ron Hubbard that has grown in popularity around the world since its 1950 release.

"Dianetics can be used by talented people to bring new levels of accomplishment," says Dornbusch, who was expertly trained in its delivery at the Dianetics Research Foundation of New York. "When you hone mental abilities of an athlete in training, you will also see a maximization of his physical skills and performance."

According to the principles outlined in Mr. Hubbard's discoveries, there are unconscious incidents in the mind that can cause one to flinch under pressure, or to lose confidence in critical moments. The techniques can permit an individual to view the incidents and analyze them so they no longer affect the person. Thus, the nagging thoughts of failure at pressure moments go away for good.

Dornbusch points out that Dianetics might benefit someone like Chuck Knoblauch. The former All-Star second baseman and Golden Glover for the New York Yankees, who now finds himself literally out in left field because of a seemingly inexplicable problem of making the short throw to first base. "Knoblauch's problem can explained and handled by Dianetics," says Dornbusch.

However, Dornbusch is confident it will also help much more than athletic performance. Use of the techniques can improve performance in other areas of life and enhance the quality in many dynamics of life.

Who hasn't seen the little leaguer crying after striking out with the bases loaded, or the guy from work who swings and misses on the first tee? Sports failure is all around us and may be only a facet of the area that needs improvement.

For more information go to https://www.dianetics.org

If you are interested in enhancing your sports performance, Mr. Dornbusch can be reached at (973) 408-9117 or ronalddornbusch@aol.com.

SOURCE: Friends of L. Ron Hubbard

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