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Can I build muscle at home

Posted by: Alin


I am a 23 yo guy. Height:1,87 Weight :75 kg

I only have the possibility of working out at home.

I have a pull up bar .

My goals are to maintain my current shape,and maybe get a leaner look because I really want to keep a diet from now on.

At home ,for back I do pull ups.

My maximum nr of reps for the first set are

13 (wide grip overhand)

and 18 (underhand)

I want to start a new workout program which will allow me to build muscle while losing some fat.

I do 7 sets of pull ups (with added weight so I can do 6-10 reps) once every 3 days.

Rest between sets is about 2-3 minutes.

For chest,tri and deltoid:

I do pushups (feet on a chair,1-2 minute rest)

for 4-5 sets every other day,sometimes event 2 days in a row.

I will try to mix it up and maybe include some dips or something.

My question is :

Is my workout ok in order to achieve my goals (considering the diet part is perfect),and if not, what do you suggest(considering I can only work out at home) that will get me better results?

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