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how to get a male fitness model body

Posted by: PhornthepSingh


I had a couple of questions regarding body building but before let me give you an idea of my physique. My height 184cm or 6"1inch and my weight is 76kgs. In the past year I have lost 14kgs and I have become relatively thinner to what I was before. I still have a very small belly on me. However, now I want to build my body up. I want to a nice big chest, arms, shoulders and abs. What should I do? I eat healthy and take a very low carb - high protein diet (although I do treat myself to deserts occasionally). I want to see results. My current programs is Day 1 - Chest and front abs. Day 2 - Shoulders, arms and back abs. I go to the gym 4times a week, spending an hr each time and do cardio on the other 2 days with 1 day being rest day. I have just started this program about 2weeks ago. I have never a big chest or arms and you could say that I am a beginner at this but with the time that I have I want to be able to build up significantly and have a body to be admired

Am I doing the right thing if my goal is to have a good 'fitness model' body (I.e not to too big)? Please advice. Also It is difficult to dedicate hours a day as I have work and family.


Best Regards,


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