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Bodybuilding and Vitamin Supplements

Posted by: Peter

As fitness freaks and bodybuilders, weíre known for our extreme diets. This is because most of us do our homework and understand exactly which nutrients our body needs in order to improve our muscle mass and tone and grow. Indeed, I think that we as bodybuilders are probably more thoughtful of what we eat than any other demographic of people. Itís why there is a billion-dollar industry in creatine and protein supplements. But behind our desire to get faster, or stronger, or leaner, is our desire to be healthy.

A big part of being healthy is cutting out fatty foods. But thatís focusing on what we should avoid eating; what should we make sure we do eat? Iíve been researching vitamins. Thereís a plethora of stuff on the internet, but the Wikipedia page on vitamins is a pretty good place to start.

I was interested in what vitamins occurred naturally, and what foods I should eat to get my daily recommended amount of nutrition. It became obvious that, although it can be done, it is very difficult to cook a varied enough menu for myself every day to ensure I get all the right vitamins. I just donít have the time. There are lots of great sites that sell vitamin supplements, but I was struck by Multivits as it focuses on cutting out unnecessary chemicals and only supplementing our bodies with things that occur naturally.

But there are literally hundreds of different vitamins to choose from. Where do we even begin?

If anyone has any tips for me and the other readers, then please let me know.

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