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HIT training with dumbbells

Posted by: Bob

I was tinkering around with the thought processes,( I know, it's a dangerous thing-thinking.), looking for an excuse to be lazy at doing something hard, (this is I assume the real theory behind HIT and other minimalistic lifting concepts), and I came up with this workout using dumbells.

Any exercise will do, as long as it can be done one side at a time. As an example, one arm bicep curls will be used to demonstrate the method.

Choose a weight that allows for 20-30 reps max in proper form, or half whatever weight you normally use to start out with, and adjust the weight later on as you become more conditioned to the workout.

Here it is.

With no rest or breaks between sets, begin by doing one rep with the left arm followed immediately by one rep with the right arm followed immediately by two reps with the left arm and then two with the right, and then again without pause, 3 reps with the left then 3 with the right, and then 4 with the left and 4 with the right, and keep doing this until you reach 10 with the left and ten with the right and then once those are done, you can stop to rest. If you're really masochistic, take it to 20 reps before you quit.

Now, I haven't given this a run to see how effective it is, but I ran through a set of curls and it certainly feels like it should be. I'll use this method for my arms and shoulders for a month and see what kind of results I get.

Take care,


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