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low fat bodybuilding diet

Posted by: Dan

I've read that turkey breast has a lower fat content than chicken breast, but for some reason, my stomach just can't tolerate turkey meat. Is there another type of meat that is as low in fat as turkey? I don't want to go back to chicken breasts because of their fat content.

Re: low fat bodybuilding diet

Posted by: Bill

First of all, I suppose it is true that turkey meat has a little less fat per ounce than chicken, but...WHO CARES?! We're talking about minuscule, irrelevant differences.

A lot of bodybuilders are really hung up on completely eliminating fat from their diets. Their erroneous belief that eliminating dietary lipids is the most important thing they can do to lose bodyfat is continually reinforced by the mainstream media.

Remember, if you're trying to lose bodyfat, you really need to pay more attention to your total caloric intake rather than fat intake. I can put anyone on a zero-fat diet, load them up on carbs, and watch them explode with bodyfat.

Now, that doesn't mean that French fries and cheeseburgers are a good idea--it just means that some fat in the diet isn't only "not bad," it's good!

Certain fats (conjugated linolenic acids) may actually be "anti-catabolic"--they may help prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue. And steaks are loaded with CLAs. Steak is also high in creatine. So by all means, have some steak now and then. Have some chicken and fish, too. And if turkey upsets your stomach, don't eat it!

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