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Stacking HMB and Creatine together

Posted by: The Gooch

I read an article last night about this supplement called HMB. I was wondering if it's all right to use this stuff along with creatine monohydrate. If I did "stack" these two supplements--what type of gains do you think I would get?

Re: Stacking HMB and Creatine together

Posted by: Bill

I have no reason to believe it wouldn't be okay to take HMB along with creatine monohydrate--they're both naturally occurring micronutrients. I've been using both of them for the past couple of months, and the results have been quite nice.

An observation I've made about creatine monohydrate is that it seems to produce big gains in body weight the first month you use it, and then I think your muscles become pretty much "saturated" with it, and your gains kind of "level out." However, since there is no reason to stop taking creatine monohydrate (at least no reason I know of), you don't have the same problem with it as you do with steroids. Let me explain--any bodybuilder who is using steroids and cares at all about his or her health is, at some point, going to have to go off the drugs to let the body "normalize" and to reduce the risk of serious side effects.

Now, when most bodybuilders go off steroids, they lose much of the weight and strength gains they made when they were on them.

With creatine monohydrate, you can just keep taking the supplement and maintain those great gains in size and strength and perhaps make even more gains (although I doubt they would be as noticeable as they were in the first month of use).

Now, with HMB use, the strength gains can be extremely noticeable in a short period of time. The preliminary results of an HMB study that just started a few weeks ago showed that only eight days into the study, weight trainers who used three grams of HMB a day doubled their strength gains over the weight trainers who followed the same exercise and nutrition program but did not use HMB!

As far as the lean-mass gains from HMB go, I think those will happen more gradually than they do with creatine monohydrate. Remember, the initial weight gain from creatine is probably caused by a "cell-volumizing" effect--it's good solid weight that can make your muscles feel bigger and fuller, but it's not necessarily new contractile protein tissue.

When I started using HMB, I put on four solid pounds the first month I was using it and noticed a significant increase in strength. The second month I was on HMB, I gained another four pounds and continued to set new "PR's" (personal records) in lifts like the bench press and leg extension. Now, I have no evidence that my gains are "typical"--I'm certain different people will experience different results, but I believe HMB is going to be the type of supplement that produces gains over an extended period of time. In my opinion, "stacking" creatine monohydrate and HMB is a great idea! If someone told me they were going to use only two bodybuilding supplements, those are the ones I would recommend!

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