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Don Ross bodybuilder

Posted by: Dennis

I was very sad to learn that bodybuilding legend Don Ross passed away of a heart attack. Has there been any more information on how this man, who was in such good shape, died so prematurely?

Re: Don Ross bodybuilder

Posted by: Bill

I was also sad to learn about the passing of Don Ross. It's too bad that things like this have to happen. The information I have is that Don Ross died of a heart attack, just like thousands and thousands of other men do every year. If you didn't already know this, heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. It's a big problem!

The fact that Don Ross was lean and muscular and had exercised all his life obviously didn't make him immune to heart disease.

An autopsy revealed the main arteries around his heart were between 70% and 100% blocked. (Just because someone looks strong and healthy, it doesn't mean they are.)

Obviously, bodybuilders who use massive amounts of steroids and other dangerous drugs, with no medical supervision, are taking their chances. Also, bodybuilders who dehydrate themselves before competition, to show those last few striations, are also flirting with disaster.

And, some bodybuilders go through huge weight fluctuations in incredibly short periods of time. I've seen some top amateurs who compete at 176 pounds and balloon up to 225 pounds within a month or 2 after their competition. Some experts think losing and gaining 50 pounds in such short periods of time may be especially stressful on the heart.

Anyway, most people who are into physique development are also into fitness. I know I am! I don't smoke. I don't do recreational drugs. (I do drink some beer about once a month) And even though I've used steroids in the past, I never used mega-dosages nor did I come close to "abusing" them.

Since I know most of you are like me in this regard (you want to look great, feel great, and live a long time), I'd encourage you, regardless of how healthy you feel, to visit your doctor regularly, and at the bare minimum, get a blood test twice a year.

Don Ross, like thousands of other men, probably didn't even know his cholesterol had been sky high for over a decade.

If you start monitoring your health at a young age (I haven't even been on this planet for three decades, and I watch my blood lipid levels like a hawk), you have an excellent chance of being able to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and other physical disasters.

Heart disease is a very treatable condition in most circumstances. There are medications available that you can take to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Sometimes, even if you do "eat right" and exercise, your body may still produce too much cholesterol. But, like I said, this is a condition that's usually treatable.

Anyway, I think the obvious recommendation here is that even though you're a bodybuilder and you might look great and feel good, don't assume you are "bulletproof." Check with your doctor often, and ask a lot of questions. It's simple advice, but it could very well save your life.

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