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Charles Poliquin vs Mike Mentzer

Posted by: Robert

I read about Charles Poliquin Workout, and it looks like a great training routine. I've also been reading Mike Mentzer's books, and they seem to make sense, too. But, everyone is saying something different. I don't know exactly what I should be doing in the gym--I can't figure out how many sets and reps to do or how much weight to use or whether I should go slow, fast, or what! Can you offer any input that would help me decide who's right and who's wrong?

Re: Charles Poliquin vs Mike Mentzer

Posted by: Bill

As far as I'm concerned, both of the experts you mentioned are "right." I've followed Dan's Charles Poliquin's workouts, Mentzer's Heavy-Duty workout, as well as other training routines.

They've all been effective for me--but, they don't work forever. I'm convinced even the best training program doesn't work indefinitely--you have to mix things up from time to time.

Your question got me thinking about why I seem to be able to get results from all kinds of training programs when other people can't. I was thinking maybe it's not so much the training program you follow as how you follow it. Let me see if I can explain this... There's a "feel" you get when you're working out right. There's a feeling--a sensation--that tells you the workout you're doing is damaging muscle fibers and stimulating growth.

It doesn't matter if you're doing a set of five, a set of fifteen, or if you're doing squats or shoulder presses--there's a sensation that you should have that tells you you're getting the job done.

I'm very familiar with that sensation, but in working with other lifters, I've noticed that some of them don't recognize it--they aren't sure what a good set is--they're not really sure what's going on.

I think a lot of different training programs work for me because I make sure they all have that "one thing" in common.

Of all the topics that are confusing in bodybuilding, here's one thing I believe is an absolute certainty--if you don't stress or damage muscle cells during your workout, it doesn't matter how much HMB, creatine, protein powder, etc. you take; it doesn't matter how much rest you get; it doesn't even matter if you take steroids--you're not going to get bigger and stronger.

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