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egg whites vs egg substitute bodybuilding

Posted by: Henry

I usually have oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast. Sometimes I take raw egg whites and put them in a blender with orange juice and fresh fruit for breakfast-4've been doing this for years. But, I'm getting tired of cracking a dozen eggs every morning and separating the white from the yolk, and coincidentally, I think I've had salmonella food poisoning twice over the past four months. Both times I lost eight pounds in three days. Man, was I sick! I'm thinking about switching from egg whites to one of those egg substitutes like Egg Beaters or Better Than Eggs, but I was wondering if the protein in those products is as good as real egg whites. I've read that if the amino-acid sequence of proteins isn't just right, it won't have the right bioavailability. Is this true?

Re: egg whites vs egg substitute bodybuilding

Posted by: Bill

Ever since I started bodybuilding, I've relied on egg whites and tuna as quality whole-food sources of protein. I wish I had some accurate statistics on how many egg whites and how many cans of tuna bodybuilders consume each year-I'm sure it's literally thousands of tons! And for good reason-these are very high-quality protein sources, which are also extremely low in fat.

Fortunately, that part of the "good ole days" is long gone. I don't even eat eggs any more, but I developed quite a liking for the taste of egg whites, especially in omelets with tomatoes and mushrooms. It's a great diet food for bodybuilders! As a matter of fact, sometimes I'll have an omelet for breakfast and instead of having chicken or fish for dinner, I'll have another omelet at night. It really satiates my craving for "real food."

For about a year, I switched to Egg Beaters-they're a pretty good product, and they're much more convenient than trying to separate the high cholesterol, fatty egg yolks from the high-protein, good-for-you egg whites. Also, with a product like Egg Beaters, there's no risk of salmonella food poisoning, which is nice.

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