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ketosis bodybuilding diet

Posted by: kyle

i will soon begin my first journey into ketosis! i know the last thing you want is an email from someone wanting free advice but i figured that ketosis in reality is simple enough that you must have a program already written out ready to be copy and pasted for someone like me to put to use.

i am 6'2 and currently weigh 205lbs at 10%BF

GOAL is to bring myself to 5-6% and then to maintain no more than 8%BF. basically i want my lower abs vascular year round.

im an actor and live in NYC so i begrudgingly do loads of cardio riding a bike everywhere. i train with free weights 5-6 days a week using high intensity principles. a lot of forced negatives and drop sets. working out with 7-10rep range

im currently eating 6 meals

protein stays between 35 and 50g per meal and 18g w/ afternoon snack.

only sources of protein that have at or under 1.5g fat per serving. no added fats in cooking process no EFA supplements.

carb sources are buckwheat, oats, red (cargo) rice and lentils.

60g carbs w/meal 1

45g carb w/meal 2

40g carb w/meal 3

30g carb w/meal 4

18g carb w/snack (green apple w/water packed tuna)

25g carb w/ meal 5

no carbs w/meal 6


I plan on (over a two week spread) subtracting my carbs from meals 2,4 and the snack and then cut the carbohydrates down in the remaining meals while edging in some fats in their place. On the third week i would start my keto diet.

Ketosis plan i have mapped out would be as follows.

meal1: fiberlyze in water, 2 whole eggs cooked in grass fed butter, 5oz grass fed steak.

meal2(post w/o): 2 soft boiled eggs, 1.5 scoops isolyze w/water and 2 tablespoons grass fed/non homogonized heavy cream.

meal3: 6 oz salmon OR 3 cans water packed sardines

(serving of fiberlyze in water before meal4)

meal4: 6 oz ground turkey breast w/ 2 tablespoons olive oil OR cashew butter

meal5: 2 scoops isolyze w/handful raw brazilian nuts OR walnuts

(serving of fiberlyze in water before meal6)

meal6: 6 oz ground turkey breast w/ 2 tablespoons olive oil OR 6 oz salmon.

Other supplements to take through the day would be multi vitamin, liver tabs, L-glutamine, free form CLA supplement, red papaya enzyme.

when in ketosis what is the definition and use of a carb up day? does it effect my total water intake on said days? according to what information i can find from vince giranda is that i would have one meal every 4 days with 40g carbs. so do i just eat a cup of cooked lentils every 4 days or do i have a 1/3 cup oats in the morning and another in the evening? whats the story with veggies? can i have a big bowl of raw kale or some lightly steamed cabbage every now and again to make sure im getting some natural sources of vitamins in me?

Re: ketosis bodybuilding diet

Posted by: Paul

There are many versions of the ketosis diet, Vince Gironda suggested a carb load every 4 days, Dan Duchaine suggested once a week. The carb load gives you energy, better pumps and keeps you body from breaking down your muscle tissue. I suggest you take all the carbs in one carb load "cheat meal".

Vegetables should be low carb and high fiber such as spinach, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, cabbage and kale.

For more information on how to get big and ripped checkout the Guild to Building Muscle while Losing Fat.

All the best,


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