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Is milk good or bad for bodybuilding?

Posted by: Paul

Milk is the first food we eat when we are born, and it is considered a complete food it contains protein, carbohydrates, calcium along with a lot of Vitamin A.

Milk products come in many forms such as cheeses and yogurt. Many people consider it healthy but there are many who feel that milk can cause many problems such as allergies, heart disease and even cancer.

So is milk good or bad? The answer is it depends, on who and for what goals.

"Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer." Arnold Schwarzenegger quote from the movie Pumping Iron

Arnold said this partially as a joke, when he was asked if he drank milk, but the truth is that many adults have trouble digesting milk. This is called lactose intolerance and it has varying degrees from just a slight amount of problems from drinking milk to inability to drink it at all.

Another problem is milk is very high in calories (160 per cup) fat (9 grams a cup) and carbohydrates (12 grams per cup).

I only recommend milk for people that 1) can digest it and 2) are already lean and looking to gain bodyweight.

But for those that are trying to get leaner I don't recommend any milk products at all.

I myself even though I drank a lot of milk when I was younger and trying to gain weight almost never drink milk, eat cheese or yogurt now that I am a bit older. And when I do eat some kind of milk product I notice I tend to smooth out. I donít drink beer either (sorry Arnold).

So use the above information and decide for yourself if milk is good or bad for you.

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