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fermented foods benefits bodybuilding

Posted by: Paul

I firmly believe that fermented foods are extremely valuable in a persons diet! Some personís systems won't allow them to eat many of the fermented foods; but most healthy people can eat all of them..and, in my professional opinion, they are exceptionally good for the bodybuilder- and other athletes! The enzymatic action of the fermentation processes has preserved numerous foods that comprised the common diet of all our ancestors...

That's right; and this goes back probably hundreds of thousands of years - maybe even millions of years - and before the invention of the refrigerator and canning methods, all food not eaten almost immediately was either wasted, dried, smoked, salted or pickled in some way. Fermentation of foods (probably discovered by accident) became one of the most popular and common foods eaten by most races, and most of the strongest and best-built peoples in the world still eat large quantities of these foods.

For some reason, the enzymatic action of fermentation allows these foods to help assimilation of themselves, and other foods eaten with them, and be utilized in the body more effectively. I heartily suggest that some of them be eaten daily - I usually eat some of them at each meal. Of course, what and how much you eat is important, in consideration of your physical type, activity, etc., but what you put into your mouth and eat isn't just where it is... If you don't digest, assimilate and then utilize efficiently the foods you ingest, the desired results of your bodybuilding efforts will be disappointing...and left up to accident.

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