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AndroGel for bodybuilding

Posted by: Rob C

I'm 29 and know a guy who says he can get me some AndroGel. I want to use it to increase my muscle mass and get more ripped.

My questions are: Will AndroGel make me bigger and stronger? And if so would there be any side effects?

Re: AndroGel for bodybuilding

Posted by: Bryan

First of all AndroGel is a controlled substance, that is available by prescription only meaning it is illegal for you to buy or use it unless you get it from a doctor. So it is not legal to get it from some guy at the gym and if you're caught with it and don't have a prescription you will be in the same trouble as the procession of any anabolic steroid.

Second of all AndroGel is a synthetic testosterone that will suppress your bodies own natural testosterone production which is something you don't want to happen. The purpose of AndroGel is for hormone replacement, which is when your own natural testosterone production is too low due to age, impairment, etc.

Lastly, AndroGel is not really strong enough to make that much of a difference in your muscle gains and can have some bad side effects such as acne, nausea, headaches, hair loss, trouble sleeping, lowered sperm count, loss of libido, moodiness, etc.

My advice is advice is to stick to safe and legal supplements that help increase your bodies own natural hormone production such as Andro Shock.

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