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Generation Iron Movie

Posted by: Paul

Generation Iron is a new bodybuilding documentary or more actually docudrama from director, producer and writer Vlad Yudin. It is said to be a sequel to "Pumping Iron" which was released in 1977 and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.

See Pumping Iron Movie

I first saw Pumping Iron in 1978 when I was 16 years old, but that was 35 years ago now and I can imagine if back then I saw some bodybuilding film from the 1940's I would want to see one with the modern day bodybuilders. Which is why many people are excited to see this new movie.

Generation Iron seems to focus on Phil Heath the current Mr. Olympia and his main competition Kai Greene, Roelly Winklaar, Branch Warren, Hidetada Yamagishi, Ben Pakulski, Victor Martinez, Dennis Wolf, etc.

There will also be some appearances from the original cast of pumping iron such as Lou Ferrigno and Mike Katz.

Will main steam audiences accept Generation Iron? Will it cover controversial subjects such as the use of steroids and other drugs in bodybuilding? Will it become the classic that Pumping Iron did?

We will see.

I still feel that Pumping Iron is the best bodybuilding movie ever, but I'm looking forward to seeing this new movie to see if it can capture the same kind of magic.

Generation Iron release date is set for late 2013.

Generation Iron Trailer

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