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One year workout plan

Posted by: Paul

Imagine the muscle growth you could achieve if you had a years worth of super effective workouts.

One of the biggest problems for most people who are looking to gain muscle is that they do not have a clear plan on what to do at the gym. For most people, what to do comes down to guesswork (which leads to little results).

And even for those of us, like me, who have been doing this for decades (I started at 16) the key to progress is to sit down and create a periodized plan that will hit the body in a different way in order to stimulate further growth.

That is what gets me so excited about Matrix Mass Training it gives you a different periodized workout program every month for 1 year, these plans will work not only for beginners, but for the most advanced of us as well.

The Matrix Mass System has engineered Periods designed into 12 separate and distinct phases which cycle your training throughout the entire year. It also covers every "Critical Growth Factor" required to build awesome muscle size and strength while losing excess fat.

Download the new The Matrix Mass Training Manual

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