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Negative accentuated training

Posted by: Kent

Hi... I am Kent from Texas. I would just like to say that I have been doing a workout that is very effective for a while off and on in my life. Anyway it goes like this for instance, On the leg press I push 400 lb with both legs in a positive stroke. Then go negative at a VERY slow rate with one leg. I started this type of leg press workout 2 months ago. Now I can do a six rep positive with one leg at 600 lbs. A one leg three rep positive at 630 lbs. I will have to state that my leg respond easily,but still it is impressive in my opinion. Also it is my opinion that a muscle can handle a certian weight and tear more  in a negative stroke because it only has to And MUST do an absolute maximum load of that muscle minus only les than an ounce of weight in which it can continue to do for a longer amount of reps .((( The same way a balloon that has lost just enough gas that it falls very slowly to the ground when let go because it only lacks a minute amount of uplift to make it float ))).  In a positive stroke the muscle can only lift the absolute max until it fails because it is the ( ABSOLUTE MAX )  Which is lowered by fatigue of contraction more than relaxation of that muscle, ( be it ever so slow). So anyone can see that the negative stroke maintains a higher ( ABSOLUTE MAX ) in which it can continue with for more reps...more reps at a higher load. It's just physics like the ballon... But that's just MY opinion... Thanks for putting up with me ...See ya !!

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