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Timothy Ferriss diet

Posted by: Jack


My name is Jack. I'm 20 years old, 179cm tall, weighing 72 kgs, and I am in good condition. I am quite a lean build, and my current fitness goal is to achieve a lean and ripped body with roughly 6% body fat or less. I am a similar shape to Cam Gigandet, however my body fat percentage is currently 10%. There is not a lot of definition over my abs. And my chest still needs more development.

I have been following a slow carb, high protein diet from Timothy Ferris' book "the 4 hour body". This diet has even going for a couple of weeks, but the main reason I am writing this email is to get a clear idea of what I should be doing in the gym. Originally I was told to do very high rep stuff for muscular endurance to assist in burning the fat off. Is that the right type of training to assist my diet? Or should I be lifting heavy weights, as my diet is very protein orientated with little carbohydrates. Please give me an indication of what type of training would benefit my goal.

Thanks, and I hope to hear back from you.


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